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Leopoldo est un guide cultivé et très sympathique. Si vous voyagez avec lui il vous fera découvrir le Mexique authentique loin des hordes de touristes !

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My girlfriend and I had the pleasure of spending a day with Polo on our visit in Mérida. Beyond being a great guide of the Yucatán (he calls Mérida home), Polo is simply an enjoyable person who will undoubtedly enrich your day with his colorful personality. He knows the region like the back of his hand, and knows the best people and places to satisfy whatever travel interests you may have. By the end of the tour with Polo, we counted Polo as a friend, so much so that we met him and his wife for a drink a few days later. My only regret with Polo is that we didn't book him for the entirety of our visit to Mérida. Book your tour with Polo. You'll be glad that you did!

We did a one day tour between Mérida and Valladolid with Polo today. He is literally *the* best guide for the Yucatán peninsula you could imagine – and so much more than “just” a driver. He knows the area inside out and is perfect at feeling what it is that you specifically want out of the trip with him: If you just want a quiet, smooth ride from A to B, then he will just deliver that service. Although, this would actually be a pity with all the knowledge he has! Depending on what you’re interested in, he will happily share all his knowledge with you about any topic - may it be food, history, politics, fun facts or whatever from the area. We did a Cenote tour with him (he knows where to go to avoid the tourists) and spontaneously combined that with an authentic food tour from Mérida to Valladolid and further. If you can, don’t be too sceptical and just go with the flow and let him help you discovering so much authentic food far away from the tourist traps. It is so worth it! He does exactly as he promises and customises your trip exactly to your needs and brings you wherever you want to be brought. If you’re thinking about booking a driver for the area anyways, then look no further (no matter if just for a day or a week/longer). If you’re only contemplating about a private driver and have any money to spare then definitely do it! It will probably be *the* most authentic way for you to experience Yucatán.

This is an excellent all day trip and introduction to some of the Yucatán’s most beautiful scenic sites. Polo’s suggested itinerary was a perfect starting point for things we wanted to see, and his sequence of activities was spot on. We arrived at Chichen Itsa early morning, before the tour busses and throngs of other tourists arrived. That in itself made the tour worthwhile. While Polo waited, we wandered through the site at our own pace, focusing on what was of most interest to us. Our day also included the cities and sites mentioned in his description, although we requested some minor variations to the schedule based on our interests. That is something you’d never be able to do if you were on a tour bus or a larger group tour. (If a group tour allocates 30 minutes for a stop, that is all you’ll get. With this tour, our schedule was flexible. It was a way more efficient and enjoyable use of the time we had.) Everything we did was based on our interests and Polo’s excellent suggestions. The canotes are beautiful to see and swim in, but we spent less time in them because we were more interested in other cultural sites. Our ride was very comfortable. One of the highlights is Polo’s knowledge of the local culture and political aspects of Mexico. I don’t know how many of his clients engage in the opportunity, but our day included non-stop two way discussions about life in Mexico and life in my home country, the US. I learned a great deal from Polo, and it made for a truly enjoyable ride as he drove from site to site. At our specific request, we stopped for lunch in a traditional local roadside restaurant that served traditional Mayan food that catered to locals. Some skeptical tourists may be wary of eating in off the beaten path lunch spots. Our lunch spot was immaculate, authentic, the food really flavorful, the wait staff incredibly friendly and helpful, and the open kitchen spotless. Think about it if you are adventuresome and want to experience the local culture. Polo was an excellent host! Outgoing. Informative. Friendly. Patient, never rushing. He meant it when he told us that although he had a suggested itinerary, it was our tour and that meant flexibility. We will definitely schedule more day trips with him on our return visits. Great value, service and quality. Thank you Polo! You will be a highlight of our trip and a memory for years to come.

We spent 2 days with Polo visiting Uxmal and Chichen Itza as the focus of each of them. It was like a dream come true. Polo is an excellent driver and guide and a very pleasant person to spend 2 days with without feeling bored or tired. The places he took us to were amazing and we experienced not only the touristic side of Yucatan but the real life in small villages and the very stylish local art in Patricia's workshop. Polo knows when and how to 'make suggestions' on places to go to and experiences to live and when to step back and let you enjoy what you think is what you want and.... everything at a reasonable price (which is also important, isn't it?). If I ever come back I will never choose anybody else but Polo! That's for sure! You can feel how much he loves his 'tierra' and he makes you love it to! Thanks Polo for 2 unforget!table days in your beloved Yucatan!

I highly recommend Polo as a guide. He is super knowledgeable about the Yucatan and it’s obvious that he really really loves the area. He went above and beyond in making sure all our needs were met, and showed us several great spots in the area that we would not have found without him. The two days we spent travelling with Polo were the best two days of our time in the Yucatan, and we will hire him again if we are ever in the area.

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