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Ali est une personne très souriante qui aime partager sa bonne humeur. Il fera les meilleurs choix pour que votre séjour vous corresponde à 100%. Un guide qui a beaucoup à vous apprendre !

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I an a 55 year old British traveller and I met Ali in November 2018 when I spent 12 incredible days in Iran. Ali is a great guy and a very knowledgeable guide. Ali and his wonderful wife Roya a both true professionals and they will do everything they can to make your stay in Iran truly memorable. Ali and I are still in regular contact and I would dearly love to return to Iran in the near future. I will definitely call on Ali to be my guide and to make the arrangements when that time comes. I strongly recommend his services.

Iran is the most amazing country. I loved it. I felt completely safe and I was overwhelmed by how warm, friendly and welcoming the Persians are. I am writing this review 10 months after my trip to Iran and I have just finished organizing my return trip for later this year and I am delighted that Ali is available to be my driver/guide again. Ali’s driving is excellent and no matter how high the mountain, how much the road winded, or how congested the traffic I always felt safe with him. Iran has entered my soul. There would be hardly a day that goes by without me thinking of both the country and the people I met there. Ali was my driver guide for 8 days around North Azerbeyan Province. He also provided some transfers between cities with sightseeing, and also tours around his home town of Yazd. Ali’s commentary was always interesting and he was happy to answer any questions. His knowledge covers many areas and topics. Ali is a quiet, gentle man with a beautiful smile, a gentle sense of humor and a great love and knowledge of his country. His English is excellent. He is thoughtful, kind and generous. As I reflect on what I have valued most about Ali it is his warmth, generosity and integrity. I trust him completely.

We did a city tour of Yazd with Ali. He was really good- lots of knowledge, excellent English, he kept the day interesting and informative. He also has a great sense of humor! I thoroughly recommend him if you are in Yazd or even need a guide to take you around Iran!

Me and my wife (Italians, 30 years old) have spent one day and a half with Ali. He has been the best guide ever! He helped us visiting Yazd for half a day and we were so happy that we decided to take a tour with him to Karanaq, Chak Chak and Meybod. He was super clear in all explanation, very good at English and not too fast and not too slow in visiting the different sites. Moreover, it has been very interesting speaking together of any topic of our interest, from cultural aspects to economic/political stuff. We had also funny conversation together as we were friends from a long time! :) He is a safe driver as well. We strongly recommend him for any kind of tour. Iran is an amazing and absolutely safe country, come to visit!!

Just finished a 19-day tour in Iran. We spoke for three months before the trip and I always got a fast response. Ali and Roya, his wife, organized an amazing journey. Ali guided us in Qom, Kashan, Esfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Qeshm Island and Shiraz -- with small towns and villages between bigger cities. Everything was perfect. Ali showed a good knowledge on every site we've visited, with a very good English. Meanwhile Roya, from distance, chose good hotels and AMAZING restaurants. Both of them always very kind, polite and efficient. And they have a very fair price, compared to other agencies. Ali and Roya delivered what was dealt, didn't come up with any unpleasant surprises (who have traveled with guides know what I mean). And, after 19 days, Ali still was a good company -- we did not get fed up with him. Very nice guy!

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